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July 23, 2024 -Tuesday


:: What is a press release?
:: Who is the media?
:: How is a press release different from an advertisement?
:: How can I increase my chances of getting a press release published?
:: Why do I need a press release distribution service?
:: How much does MREM's services cost?

What is a press release?

A press release is an announcement or message that a company sends to the newspapers, magazines and radio and TV stations to be published or aired. It could announce its third quarter earnings, for example, or a product it plans to launch.

An effective press release distribution programme can dramatically increase a company's sales and greatly enhance the image of its business or products.

Who is the media?

Most industries use media to mean everything connected to publicity. But in the context of this brochure, media refers to publications like newspapers and magazines and electronic media like television, radio and websites, which are used to display and deliver news and information to readers, viewers and Internet users.

How is a press release different from an advertisement?

A press release that appears as a news report creates credibility. Most readers are more likely to trust press reports announced by independent authorities such as columnists, reporters or broadcasters.

Readers see an advertisement, on the other hand, as a sales or marketing medium. You pay nothing for publicity generated from press releases. But, you must spend large amounts for an advertisement to appear in a newspaper or television.

How can I increase my chances of getting a press release published?

A well-written press release that covers an event or announcement that is newsworthy has a greater chance of being picked up by the media.

You should write the report like you would write a news article. Answer the who, what, when, where and how of a story in the first paragraph.

Your title must be interesting enough to lead the reader to the rest of the story. Keep the release no more than 300 words long. If you are attaching photographs, write a caption for it. Identify the people in the photograph correctly by their name and designation.

Why do I need a press release distribution service?

A press release distribution service makes it a more convenient, cost effective and successful way of sending a press release to the media.

MREM, for instance, has a direct link with the newspapers, radio and television stations.

It uses a combination of telephone data lines, a broadcast fax system, the Internet and satellite transmission to deliver your press release - and photographs - directly to the computer terminals of journalists and editors.

This way, your press release gets to appear on an editor's terminal, increasing its chances of being seen and picked up for publication.

How much does MREM's services cost?

MREM first assesses your needs for publicity from your public relations programme. You will be advised to either use MREM's packaged services and pay an annual subscription fee or pay for services as and when you use them.


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