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Malaysia First Cold Chain B2B Logistics Platform – GOLOG obtains CIP300 Funding from Cradle, Malaysia’s Early Stage Startup Influencer

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 (Bernama) --
GOLOG, (Go Logistic) Malaysia first Integrated Mobile Internet Intelligent cold chain logistic platform has successfully obtained the CIP300 funding from Cradle recently. According to GOLOG Founder and CEO, Ivan Chin, they have applied for the funding since March 2019 and was one of the four finalist among the hundreds that applied for the funding. The CIP300 fund by Cradle is a pre-commercialisation programme which provides a conditional grant and value added assistance amounting up to RM300,000 for entrepreneurs. It is intended to kick-start innovative technology based start-ups to enhance and commercialize their products or services.

“Getting the CIP300 funding from Cradle is like a dream. It’s not just the opportunity to be funded but also the status that comes by being funded by Cradle, which is a benchmark by VC in the country. This means that GOLOG has been recognized as a startup with good potential,” Ivan elaborated further. As to what will be the funding be utilized for, Ivan said that 60% of the funds will be used for the commercialization of the platform as well scaling the business up. And while they are happy to receive the CIP300 funding, GOLOG isn’t resting on their laurels as they are also in the midst of raising seed funding to the tune of USD$1 million for further up scaling of their systems and market share expansion.
Entrepreneurship and doing business are two different concepts. Entrepreneurship is creating betterment for the world, improving human life, contributing to the society and meeting people's needs.” Ivan, who has 7 years of experience in logistics, has insights since he was working for others that Malaysia's logistics and transportation capacities need to be strengthened as there is still no comprehensive solution to solve user problems. At that time, the rise of Uber and the rapid development of online platforms enlighten him that the development in logistics is the core of the e-commerce development. In 2017, Ivan determined to revolutionize Malaysia's logistics industry and partnered with a Japanese company which possess 10year’s experience in technology research and development to jointly create a smart online logistics trading platform namely GOLOG, which is designed for B2B and B2B2C companies with diversified transportation solutions. It is a logistics service provider that integrates technology with logistics, creates efficient logistics services, and successfully transformed traditional industries into profitable models in the digital era.
Golog is a comprehensive online logistics platform that addresses transportation services for refrigerated supplies, fresh goods, and fast moving consumer goods. Golog provides three major systems for merchants, including On demand delivery, Next day delivery, and Bulk Delivery. They were designed according to the needs of merchants which effectively reduce the pressure on merchants and achieve cost reduction through big data analytics. In the past, many companies' entrepreneurial ideas were mainly to meet customer needs, but Golog's philosophy was to satisfy the merchants. According to Ivan, win-win scenario is achieved with total customer satisfaction when goods are perfectly delivered to them, that’s where value is created. Ivan reveals that entrepreneurship is risky, especially struggling for continuous improvement and progress where it requires substantial amount of funding and significant results to gain trust of investors and overcome all difficulties alongside. He recalls, it took nearly a year for a breakthrough and successfully accelerated the expansion of the logistics industry.

Unwavering social responsibility

To counteract the ever-changing challenges, Ivan believes that entrepreneurship needs to be adequately prepared. On top of that, psychological construction and working experience lay a solid foundation for success. Ivan describes that the workplace is an excellent ground to hone, to strengthen capabilities and connections. Nevertheless, it is essential to learn to be a good person as good characteristics can win the trust of all and aids in building connections and popularity. Upon starting a business, it is important to continue learning and improving, and always maintain a state of mind that learning is a lifelong process. Entrepreneurship is not just about seeking profits, but helping the society and the country by making greater contributions.

This year round, in conjunction with the lush season of durian in Malaysia, Golog broke the conventional thinking and launched transportation services for durians regardless of amount just to save time and increase profitability for merchants. This development plan mainly aims to inspire and encourage young generations to join the agriculture field. In view of that, Golog has zoomed into the challenges faced by the traditional logistics model such as high transportation cost, prolonged delivery time and limitation of scope and level up the business model with improvement plans and makes it easier for the young generations to take over and continue to unleash their creativity.
Ivan expressed that entrepreneurship is not an easy path, but he is grateful with the support from the team, his wife and the helping hands who have come along the way, as well as the selfless competitors who share their valuable opinions. He has spent many years working hard to craft himself for today's achievements. In the future, Ivan is looking forward to mushroom his business throughout Malaysia and sharing the services of the three major systems in all regions. Meanwhile, Golog plans to expand in overseas such as Thailand, the Philippines and many other countries. He promised that the Golog team will continue to uphold the mission of “Standing tall with Integrity, Reaching far with Innovation” and serving the Malaysia merchants sincerely.

GOLOG is an online transport application that open to all market. Anyone can register and log in through the apps choose to be driver or register as a customer to use the delivery or pick up services which this will be our products. User can both ways. Driver and rider can earn income through delivery and pick up services in the meantime users enjoy cheaper fare and fast services.

GOLOG driver can deliver all types of goods as long as legal, from the smallest letter size document to big size merchandise. GOLOG transportation separate into 2 categories of delivery starting up with Motorbike and Car. Motorbike rider will be GOLOG main focus due to motorbike easy access, cheaper and faster delivery. It is easy for users who like to register as GOLOG rider to deliver goods and earn income as long as minimum requirement you own a motorbike!

There is no limit of mileage for goods delivery (as long as reachable and accepted by rider or driver) but there is a limit of size. As long as the goods that need to deliver is beyond the limit of GOLOG rider able to carry, user need to choose higher categories which is GOLOG motor and car driver depends on the size and volume. 

SOURCE : Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd

Name : Ivan Chin
Tel : 0149307798
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