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Valuing IP Sdn Bhd, intellectual property valuation specialist and Malaysian tech start-up launched ASEAN’s first and only IP valuation software and digital platform.

 Valuing IP Sdn Bhd’s Founding Team (From Left to Right) Lim Hui Lee, Chief Operation Officer; Derrick Hum, Chief Business Development Officer; Tee Lin Yik, Chief Executive Officer & Founder; Dato’ Mohd Roslan Bin Mahayudin, Advisor; Kuok Pui Leng, Co-Chief Executive Officer; and Sr Terence Lim, Chief Valuation Officer 

Democratising Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation for Businesses of All Sizes & Industries Across ASEAN Countries
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, March 16 (Bernama) -- Valuing IP Sdn Bhd, intellectual property valuation specialist and Malaysian tech start-up, announced the official launch of its proprietary IP valuation software tailored for the ASEAN market today in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. With the IP valuation software, companies of all sizes and industries can now identify and unlock the value of their IP assets to further pursue their growth ambitions.
Intellectual property (IP) as a key enabler of productivity and economic growth is becoming significantly more noticeable as intangibles make up an increasing proportion of business investments. However, many businesses struggle to stay relevant in the new economy due to one key challenge, i.e. financing.
“Despite the fact that these businesses have already put in tremendous efforts to conceptualise and protect their IP, most of the time they are unable to commercially exploit it due to challenges in getting financing,” explained Mr. Tee Lin Yik, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Valuing IP.
Conventional IP valuation methods can be extremely expensive and time consuming, making it less friendly for companies without deep pockets and resources. There is also the concern of using the most appropriate method to generate accurate valuation based on the companies’ IP assets, as this would very much depend on the industry and nature of the business the company is in. Hence, without access to reliable and accurate IP valuation, chances of getting financing would be lower or even close to zero for these businesses.
Valuing IP’s software directly addresses these issues through democratising its offerings:
· The software is automated, in which an IP valuation report can be generated within three to seven days.
· The IP valuation report is internationally compliant with International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).
· The software is also available on a one-off or long-term subscription basis, starting from as low as RM6,000.
Valuing IP’s introduction of their valuation software challenges the status-quo and is a major milestone for the ASEAN IP industry. Being a democratised digital tool, it represents a real game-changer to manifest IP Financing, IP Marketplace, and IP Insurance and make these a reality in the near future.
“The software is a significant advancement in how IP assets can be valued and transacted. With it, businesses and companies can now finally understand and realise the full potential of their IP portfolios, decide on how to pursue commercial or strategic opportunities based on that potential, and together with the IP community, facilitate the growth and refinement of the IP ecosystem,” said Tee.
The launch event saw 450 invited guests, who represented mostly start-ups, business owners, professionals, policy makers, financial institutions, universities, and research institutions, attending it. Representatives from MRANTI, NanoMalaysia Berhad, Baker Tilly Malaysia and Valuing IP also took part in a fireside chat to discuss on the current state of IP valuation, what is stopping businesses from doing IP valuation, and how can the community and stakeholders come together to build an IP-inclusive ecosystem for all.
Valuing IP is already in conversations with policy makers and/or companies from Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, India, and most recently, Japan. The company is working towards raising RM 8 million at its second-round funding by the end of 2023 -- with the intention to expand the software and digital platform’s offerings, including IP marketplace portal for IP tradings, and expanding its presence in the ASEAN region.
For software demonstration, partnerships, collaborations, and investment opportunities, email to or visit for further info.

SOURCE: Junzi Communications 

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